20 April 2014 ·

Book fair doodles

Last month I’ve visited the Children’s Bookfair in Bologna.

It was the third time that I’ve been at the Bookfair. It was for me no more a strange place. There were beautiful exhibitions as usual. This time, my main aim was to go to the publishers, show them my illustrations in order to get some jobs for children’s books.

Of course I was not the only person, who had this aim there. Only a few publishers would see the portfolios and they offered only had 1-2 hours to have a look at the Illustrations, because their came to the fair mainly to sell and buy the book rights. So, I had to notice the time and plan it well. Most of the time I was wait in the queue or moved from this queue to that queue. 

Waiting is quite boring…So I just drew in the queue. I thought, even if I get no jobs there, at least, I won’t waste my time for just nothing. I’ve made the following drawings in the queue at a german publisher.


At first I just drew the people of the publisher on the other side. It looked like they had a very nice talk. But then, I began to draw my “competitors”.


One after another.

And I got nearer to the interview chair, so you see the people are getting bigger and bigger…


and bigger… While this guy was interviewed, while I was drawing him, the girl in front of me (she was the next one) talked to me:


Then I got near enough, so that I could see that she draws quite well and she likes to draw dogs, many kind of dogs. I didn’t draw her, because I thought I could be called every minute and I had to get ready for it. So I just wrote down what she said. And then:


The editor looked at his watch and said, oh it’s already a quarter past 3 o’clock…(Actually I drew him after I drew the one with the yellow background, and wrote the words on it after I heard what he said. )


So, I was not that lucky on that day.

And on the next day, I was there again. For some reason, I got up half an hour too late. So as I was in the queue at that publisher again, there was only half an hour left and there were like still 10 illustrators in front of me…But I just stayed there and waited, and hoped, that this time I could have some luck. 

but… Things in the world just don’t always go like how we expect them to be.

Anyway, I’ve drawn something there, and I’ve lost nothing. It was still a very funny experience for me. I even like it very much. ;) Hihi, I love the drawings.

Don’t worry, it was not all that bad there.

Two years ago, I was at the fair, too. It was quite frustrating. What the publishers told me was almost the same: “sorry, I think you style doesn’t fit our publishing house. And I think your style is too melancholic for the kids.But this time I’ve actually got many good feedbacks from the publishers. They quite like the illustrations, which I made for I don’t know if they will have some jobs for me, but I still felt very happy. That means maybe I’m much better now, and I will be better and better. I’m glad that I just kept on trying and didn’t give it up, I mean drawing and also the book fair. 

So I’ll just keep going, with drawing and the book fairs.

18 April 2014 ·

I’m nominated again woohoo!

It’s actually not news any more. But as I’ve heard about it I was in China about one and half month ago, and then…I’ve always forgotten to post it…Since I’ve already written a lot today, I’d like to just keep this post short.

Yay! I’m very happy to tell you that I’m nominated for the long list of Lebensfenster-Preis again! (Last year I was even in the short list, and at the end I haven’t won.) The short list may be known in a short time and the final winner will be announced at the Comic Salon Erlangen in June. We will see how far I can go this time ;)

what is this award and the whole long list

7 April 2014 ·

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