In june I was in Ludwigsburg again and I’ve participated my second movie shooting. The movie is called “die Stille”, and it’s about a ballet dancer, who had an abortion. 

Since I’ve already worked as script in the movie “Marder”, I thought it may be similar to work for “die Stille”. But I was wrong, it was a different team, they have different ways of shooting. And since it would be a totally different film, there were also some new things to experience ;)

And here are some of the sketches that I did during the shooting of “die Stille”

It’s sad to love somebody, who doesn’t love you. Even though loving someone is beautiful.But if it starts to torture you, then you should just let it go.

That’s what I am trying to do. I think I can do that.

I will be one year older after this night. Happy birthday to me :)

Thank you life, to give me so much luck and love. Even though an important one is missing, I still love you. I mean, you, the life.


I wasn’t aware that there would be a second story about this girl.

This afternoon I met her accidentally, and she told me that she love the last strip about her. So she told me something new, and said that I should draw it too. And that’s what you’ve just read. ;)

Good night.